Bivalve tester, palette trays, nail polish containers, internals for packaging, display panels, blister packs and cases.

The primary requirements for packaging in the cosmetic industry are those of allowing perfect visibility and effective containment of the product. With thermoforming, clamshells can be obtained for testers and trays for palettes useful in the preparation of materials for their movement in total safety and protection; instead, the finished product is displayed using display panels or more sophisticated display elements which fully meet the need to show the articles in the best possible manner.

Already in use for some time, the internal packaging of cosmetics and perfumes not only contain and wrap the product, but can also enhance it on an aesthetic level if made of flocked materials that give a “velvet” or coloured backdrop, getting maximum exposure for the article.

If instead optimal exposure in mass distribution outlets (supermarkets) is required, then blister packs or cases that allow an orderly and functional placement on special supports are used.

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