Thermoforming Quality System

A high-quality product is one that has been designed, prepared and supplied with the fewest possible defects while conforming to what the user requested; it’s not enough that the products are all equal, you need to make sure that they are really what the customer needs.

Quality assurance

This is why ELLEPACK’s objective is to offer quality assurance that closely monitors:

  • the acquisition of the customer’s wishes;
  • the translation of those wishes into service;
  • the design of the product;
  • the production process;
  • the promotion and sales process;
  • the post-sales process;
  • the process of analyzing and improving performance.

Ellepack guarantees its customers high-level services, reliability, attractive pricing, on-time deliveries, post-sales support, transparent, error-free transactions and much, much more.

Ellepack is fully convinced that results depend on people and that, for this reason, a qualitative approach requires the cooperation of everyone involved. This is why we offer our colleagues the possibility of personal growth through training courses and incentives to make the best use of their talents and energies, offering opportunities to achieve personal objectives that are coherent with corporate objectives.


ISO 9001:2015