Circular economy

The theme of the circular economy appears increasingly incisive in the global economic system as a whole; no longer a niche cluster aimed at sectors most sensitive to the environmental cause, but an important factor of growth and development capable of increasing competitive levers in international markets.

Choosing plastic packaging today means not only exploiting its performance and economic characteristics but also contributing to giving a boost to the circular economy which finds its strongest ally in plastic. Furthermore, the recycling and regeneration of plastic packaging contribute to the containment of greenhouse gases.

Today it is very important for companies to start thinking about the packaging of their products in terms of the circular economy and not just because of technical characteristics. Economic as well as environmental benefits, innovation and sustainable growth are obtained from the use of plastic

Our collection and recovery service

For reusable trays, if they are broken or at the end of their life, the collection and recovery service for end-of-life or exhausted trays is available in Ellepack; this is a free collection service, without having to bear the costs of disposal.

The service has been designed to activate a virtuous cycle of circular economy, for respect for the environment with a view to corporate sustainability.

For this reason, we bear the costs deriving from the analysis of the type of plastic of the trays (many times the customer does not know the type of plastic composing the trays), of the transport, of the cleaning cycle (the state of the trays is sometimes very critical) and of the grinding to obtain a second raw material suitable for reuse.