Integrated packaging system

Ellepack manufactures thermoformed items for various applications from light packaging to technical articles for industry. Our exstensive knowledge and competence, thanks to a long and wide experience, guarantee our customers the best quality in every step of the process by providing support and know-how from design to production stage. Moreover service is what sets us apart allowing Ellepack to reach various types of clients: a wide range of standard packaging suitable for small batch productions and simple applications and tailor made customer solutions, both available to meet customer needs never forgetting quality and competitive costs.
Ellepack designs both standard and bespoke items using the most advanced digital technology. Particular attention is paid to the equipment set up for forming and to the selection of the more suitable thermoforming plastic material thanks to a quality-based suppliers selection and evaluation. Following a customer focused approach, Ellepack provides packaging design studies according with the needs of quality-certified companies and in order to permit separable and recyclable materials required by the environmental protection.