Trays/pans for manual handling or through automatic manipulators / robots, pallets, protective casings and cases.

The engineering industry has long since discovered the use of the tray. The parts, whether finished or to be worked, especially those that require very high precision and which might be damaged should they come into contact with one another, are placed manually into the housings that contain them and will save them from accidental impact. Upon completion of the work cycle, they make an excellent packaging; they can be used for shipment to the end-user, placed in cardboard boxes, plastic crates, boxes or simply stacked on pallets. The possibility of realizing them in different thicknesses allows for both “disposable” and continuous use; for this reason they may contain small metal parts as well as large sized parts of mechanical components.

Using thermoforming, self-supporting customized pallets are also produced, with characteristics such as durability, lightness and resistance to liquids and oils decidedly superior to traditional pallets, and also ensuring minimum tolerances of variance even when stacked.

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