Our company has been serving the packaging market for thirty years, specialising in thermoforming solutions for a wide range of applications, from light packaging to technical articles for industry, always focused to meet specific customers expectations.

We support our customers step by step in manufacturing bespoke articles starting from a deep analysis of possible solutions aiming to design and manufacture the more suitable equipment. Therefore the process implementation involves the product development and the industrialisation of any subsidiary element.

Our products fit into automation process, packaging or displays, by providing integrated packaging system, transit trays and pallet for automation lines.
We currently provide a wide range of markets: automotive, industrial automation, cosmetic, mechanical, pharma, electronics, food, leisure

Our wide range of standard items, also suitable for small batch productions and simple applications, ensure reactiveness and economically advantageous solutions.

A new environmental sensitivity

The emergence of a global market has created many new opportunities for an epochal change in the way products are manufactured and supplied. In the past, we only compared products, their peculiarities and value for the money: my product sold better than someone else’s due to a set of qualities that differentiated it or because it cost less for equal characteristics or for both reasons. Then, we would say that my product had a better quality/price ratio than the competitor’s.

Then, this was no longer enough because the market expanded and there was a need to improve communication: I might certainly have the best product but if I wasn’t able to make it know, it was as if it didn’t exist. For this reason, it was necessary to increase sales distribution and improve advertising.

The need to mitigate modern man’s relationship with the planet led to the concept of recycling products and their accessory components (such as packaging), as well as the introduction of production materials and technologies with less environmental impact.



All of these reasons created corporate costs that were not directly linked to production. Improvements in occupational safety and working conditions in general led to changes in production processes, the replacement and improvement of systems, lower specific productivity due to short work hours and the need to add additional, shorter shifts.

All of this helped improve the quality of our working lives and products and to mitigate the impact on the environment. The advent of a global market and the consequent growth of many emerging nations has sharply increased competition and lowered prices, all at the expense of quality and reliability.

From the product to the design of a customized solution

The operational possibility of the companies has had to undergo substantial changes, both in terms of the type of product and in the production philosophy itself. The material impossibility of competing in mass production with the extremely low costs of oriental production has gradually oriented production towards thermoforming products in limited edition, but with a higher quality and technological content or the customization of consolidated products. At the same time, the accessory services have been increased and improved, which aim at supplying not the mere product, but a set of services that increase the value of the product, which becomes no longer an end in itself, but part of a service.

Understanding the particular needs of the customer becomes fundamental for the supply of a thermoformed product no longer generic at low cost, but specific to ensure greater productivity with higher added value. The service for the customer starts from the acquisition of specific needs on the product, passing through an accurate design that guides the customer in the perfect definition of the characteristics, with a continuous interface aimed at minimizing errors and delays in the production phase