Lean production

Thermoforming fits perfectly into lean manufacturing, with the production of handling trays.

The use of thermoforming trays allows to better optimize production cycles with waste reduction, improved order and cleanliness in processing and rationalization in storage spaces.

The achievement of greater productivity is also achievable through an orderly, clean and repeatable handling of the pieces, in order to reduce the number of manual interventions.

These needs become of primary importance if the production chain includes equipment that automatically operates on the pieces according to precise production sequences, which require precision and repeatability.

Unlike other solutions, thermoforming trays have some significant advantages

  • allows you to accurately position the pieces
  • it does not require additional separation and protection materials
  • it can handle the pieces throughout the production cycle, reducing costs
  • it is made of recycled and recyclable material
  • takes up little space when empty
  • it does not have aggressive contact surfaces for the pieces
  • it is easily washable
  • it is light but strong
  • it can adapt to production changes with reduced production costs

Brief reference to the principles of Lean Manufacturing

The term lean production (from the English lean manufacturing or lean production) identifies an industrial philosophy inspired by the Toyota Production System, which aims to minimize waste and eliminate it.