Containers for cards also in anti-static or conductive material, protections, shells, blister packs and cases.

In the field of electronic/electrical thermoforming, it is used to make shells, casings, and screens for devices or contacts, particularly when the number of pieces to be produced is not high. Circuit boards are placed in trays produced with antistatic or conductive materials, preventing them from being damaged by electrostatic discharges.

Mobile phones, music readers, cameras, navigation systems, placed in a thermoformed PS or PET or PVC housing, will be well packaged and protected.

For components, spare parts, USB flash drives, memory cards, cables and various accessories, HF welded blister packs or cases are the ideal solution both for wholesale/retail and for Mass Distribution (Supermarkets) sales. For street lights, both the body of the ceiling light and the transparent screen can be produced .

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