The Enviroment

The choice of whole ecological materials is an essential precondition that Ellepack has fully implemented.

The production plant  of our company use only recyclable materials according to international standards and, especially today, when safeguarding the environment has become a concern for everyone, Ellepack is proud to have been among the first to make this important commitment.

The growing awareness of the need to safeguard the environment in which we live has led us to change our relationship with the products that we consume. We can no longer afford development that doesn’t take into account the need to decrease the waste produced, as well as the need to use materials that are less polluting or to reuse materials that have already been processed and turned into scrap. In a word: recyclability.

The use of regenerated plastic materials reduces the production of virgin raw materials and, thus, the quantity of products to dispose of. Some materials are more recyclable than others.

Our trays, thermoformed blisters, clamshell, all of our thermoformed articles are made of completely reusable plastics and resins.

At the same time, the introduction of auxiliary cycles to recyclable production, such as handling trays, rationalizes production by avoiding waste and the creation of defects in the handled products but also drastically reduces the heterogeneous and non-reusable packing materials that would tend to increase the quantity of waste produced.