Thermoforming for the pharmaceuticals and the medical sector

Containers for vials and ampoules, internal boxes and accessories for electro-medical equipment, blister packs and cases.

The English term Blister was used to define commonly thermoformed items which serve to hold single-dose drugs (tablets, capsules etc.); they consist of a plastic part that forms the base (bubble) for the tablets and an aluminium film which is welded closed to seal them.

For ampoules and vials containers are used which are placed inside a box, with parallel bases that allow you to keep products firm and separate, ensuring they are undamaged up to the end user.

Covers and casings for equipment such as hospital beds, dental chairs, inspection instruments etc., are made of different materials depending on the function to be performed, these materials make the final product lighter, easier to clean and handle, improving it from an aesthetic point of view.

Articles for the first aid or for personal care and hygiene, for sale in supermarkets or pharmacies, are placed in blister packs or display cases and can be easily identified by consumers.

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