Thermoforming in this field is widely used both in the preparation phase of the components to be assembled (mirrors, diffusers, plates etc..), and in the production of parts that will become a part of the vehicle structure (mudguards, dashboards, panels, bumpers etc..). The use of trays, with correctly-sized housings to best contain the object, is essential to handle parts which necessarily must not have any defect in the assembly phase, avoiding damage, wastage of components and loss of time.

In some cases, for example with the diffusers, masks can be used to protect the most delicate part, that can also become templates for drilling in the assembly phase. The casing, processed by thermoforming, has long been a vital component in different parts of the automobile, transport or handling of goods; it guarantees lightness, resulting in energy saving, durability, shock absorption and ease of assembly.


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