Clam Shell Packs

Ellepack produces thermoformed clam shell packs in different shape and size, both standard and customized. The transparency of the material used (PVC or PET) allows the product to be displayed while protecting it from shocks, scratches and dust and preserving its integrity. The clam shell cases allow packaging solutions without closing machinery thanks to the perimeter click-clack systems. They can have slots for hanging on display racks or shelves and are made of whole recyclable material according to the environment care.

Ellepack has created Viep√¨, a standard line ready on stock that includes multiple sizes of clam shells that satisfy various packaging needs without additional equipment cost. The clam shell solution, for example, permits to house various types of item, from small metal parts to office supplies, telephone accessories, camping articles, notions and parts for model-making, etc…

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