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Trays and pallets for automation logistics

Ellepack designs and produces thermoformed trays for the safe transport, handling, protection and positioning of pieces and parts for manual or automated processes, with thicknesses from 0.3 mm to 10 mm, designed to optimize the use of space and facilitate all transport operations.

Thermoformed handling trays are designed in different thicknesses depending on the peculiarities of the objects they will hold: minimum thicknesses for disposable trays used for a single transport cycle or very thick if used for many cycles.

Ellepack offers trays transport trays for use with the new automated and robotized technologies that are positionable on standard transport units such as plastic Odette boxes, pallets, metal baskets, etc.

Each tray is designed for the specific need of the customer, who is also provided consulting and support for its complete adaptation to the automation line, and designed to allow self-supporting stacking at the beginning and superimposition with bulk reduction when the process is finished.